The story of bespoke carpet-making was passed down through the generations of Zuleya. To date, we have branched out into all types of designs, patterns, colours and styles, completing some of the world’s most prestigious projects. Zuleya specialises in hand-tufted and hand-knotted carpets, using the skill of artisans to weave carpets to perfection, in as little as a matter of weeks.

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The entire process is 100% organic and 100% made in Afghanistan – from purchasing wool from nomads, to spinning, yarning, dyeing, designing and hand-knotting the carpets.

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Each Carpet is Unique
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Zuleya produces carpets made from indigenous Afghan sheep fleece purchased from nomads in the country’s northern areas. Our selection process is rigorous: out of over 900 breeds of sheep, only a select few qualify to meet our wool quality requirement. This meticulous choice guarantees only the highest quality yarn is handspun by our artisans, and ensures the carpets pile strength, sheen, smoothness and durability.

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