5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Carpet for Your Place

Nowadays, people opt for carpets as the floor covering in their houses, but almost 90% of people make some biggest mistakes while buying rugs due to lack of awareness. It is a unique choice to get your floor carpeted and is a royal choice of home decor. Zuleya is here to help you avoid making those biggest mistakes. We offer you the most luxurious and comfiest carpets for your spaces. Now get the best quality Afghan carpets online from Zuleya.

Buying handmade carpets for the first time can be a little complicated as people might not have the information about some significant aspects. This is why people look for the best carpet shop in Dubai that may help focus on every detail of the carpets, including style, design, patterns, fabric, material, durability, and many other significant factors. Let’s know about the biggest mistakes we must avoid while buying afghan carpets online.

5 Biggest Mistakes When Buying Carpet

Assuming the carpets with higher weight are more durable

 The most common mistake that almost 90% of people make while purchasing a new handmade carpet is that people assume the higher the weight of the rug, the longer the lifespan. The weight of the carpet is not the priority feature to be focussed on. The higher weight of the rug does not mean that light-weighted carpets are not better. Other than just the weight, the more important factors are its twist, density, texture, and several other things.

Save money on the carpet padding.

 Carpet Padding is not visible to you but plays a major role in increasing the durability of the carpet. Many people avoid investing money in carpet underpadding, which you can’t even see, and it is the worst mistake while buying the carpet. People prefer to invest money in things that can be seen and used as decor for the house. But carpet under padding is essential for saving the wear and tear of the carpet, and it also upgrades the comfort level and durability of the carpet. The more you focus on the quality of the underpad, the longer the carpet works for you. Get the best quality Afghan carpet online from Zuleya.

Assuming All the Carpets are Same 

We all make this mistake while buying a handmade rug in Dubai’s Carpet shop. When we see two carpets with the same design and pattern, we assume that the carpets are the same in quality, texture, material, style, design, and everything, which is not valid. When you focus on these minor details, you will notice the difference between them.

First of all, check out the difference in fabric used in the making of the carpet. Then go for the style, patterns, and design. Also, the warranty difference tells you a lot about the quality of the carpets. The higher the warranty period, the higher is the quality, so choose wisely after considering all the facts.

Wrong Measurements of the area for carpet 

Some people buy the carpets based on assumptions which is the wrong method of calculating the measurements. Always calculate the correct measures with the measuring tape for accurate results. Tell the measurements to the salesperson so that they analyze your need and offer you a variety of carpets accordingly. For correct measurements, you must know how to measure the carpet size according to your space. Also, you can hand over the measuring part to the salespersons themselves so that the carpet size doesn’t go wrong.

Consider your lifestyle before choosing your carpet.

 The most important thing while buying a beautiful handmade carpet is to consider the requirements of your lifestyle and home decor. It is very important that your carpet blends in with your living space requirements. You should always think of a carpet that suits your daily lifestyle. For instance, if you have kids and pets at your home, then you must go for a stain-resistant carpet and a carpet with more durability. The carpet in the home with no kids and pets will experience less wear and tear. So the lifestyle requirements play a major role while selecting the ideal carpet for your home.


After knowing all the details about the most common and biggest mistakes that we should avoid while buying carpets for our homes, Zuleya brings you the perfect rugs and carpets for adding warmth and coziness to your home decor. The afghan carpets online at Zuleya are more durable and of the best quality that last longer than any other carpet shop in Dubai.