Handmade Carpets Sourced From Afghan Nomad Sheep

Have you ever found yourself racing around your home looking for the right rug to lay out in front of your couch? Or maybe you’ve seen a few rugs at stores, but they seem to blend in with your walls. If so, then you’re in luck. 

We have a solution for getting stylish and organic carpets with wool sourced from Afghan nomads. The soft and stylish Afghan handmade carpet designs will bring an animated look to any room, and the organic material means that the yarn used in the carpets is sourced locally. Before the wool is spun into yarn and woven into rugs, they must pass through multiple hands, meaning it’s been washed and disinfected many times, making it completely organic.

Each Zuleya Carpet Is A Labor Of Love

Zuleya handmade carpets online Dubaiare the epitome of luxury. Made by wool from nomadic Afghan tribesmen, each Zuleya carpet is a labor of love and is as individual as the sheep’s wool they are made from. 

Tribal communities have been weaving for centuries – the carpet trade is the backbone of the Afghan economy, employing nearly half the population. At Zuleya, we source our wool from Afghan nomads, and the wool is sourced from more than 900 breeds of sheep.

Zuleya’s approach is to work closely with the communities we support and share our learning and expertise. We aim to build their capacity in the business of carpets so that they can become self-sufficient. Zuleya carpet shop Dubai donates a significant proportion of company profits to FBMI to allow us to continue to support the Afghan community in their struggle against poverty and social exclusion through our community schools, public health initiatives, and women’s empowerment projects.

Zuleya FBMI Enterprise is a retail brand Carpet store Abu Dhabi in the UAE that sells handmade carpets sourced with wool from Afghan nomads. All profits generated by the sales are reinvested into FBMI to sustain our social initiatives and to preserve the ancient craft of carpet weaving for generations to come.

The Carpet Weaving Process

The carpets are woven by hand, and the colors are natural. In contrast to many carpets produced in China, India, Pakistan, and Iran — Afghan carpets are made entirely from wool. The rugs are then dyed with natural dyes. Over time the colors will mellow and mature, creating unique variations in each rug.

Zuleya sources its wool from nomadic tribes, ensuring that the natural fiber is ethically sourced without harming their livelihoods or traditions. Our products in our carpet store Dubai meet international labor standards and are GOTS certified, guaranteeing sustainable production practices and environmental friendliness.

Pure Craftsmanship

If you’re looking for a way to both bring something new into your home and support a great cause in the process, then you should check out the work of these artisans and Afghan carpet for sale. Not only do they produce beautiful carpets that will liven up your living room or other space, but they also support the Afghan people by allowing them to earn an income by creating and selling their work. You can even purchase an Afghan carpet online.