Everything You Need to Know About Afghan Carpets and Rugs

Afghan carpets and rugs are the best carpets that you will find worldwide. Afghan rugs typically originated from Afghanistan, so they are called Afghan rugs. But these are also available in rug store, Dubai. It was created by the tribal groups in Afghanistan, as they bring their unique carpet designs and weaving techniques. There are no specific carpet patterns of Afghan rugs and carpets but are classified under different types, including Turkmen, Baloch, and other oriental Afghan rugs. Handmade carpets are made worldwide, but Handmade Afghan rugs are the best carpets in terms of design, patterns, and quality. Afghan Handmade Carpets reflect the mix of traditional art and modern patterns in a design.

Types of Afghan Carpets, Dubai.

Afghan rugs and carpets are classified based on the pattern, styles, texture, weaving techniques, and material. Afghan carpets are famous for their handmade rugs and handmade flat weave kilims. The mats are designed uniquely with beautiful patterns, styles, and textures.

There are two handmade rugs, including handwoven and hand-knotted Afghan rugs. The handmade Afghan rugs are also called Daulatabad rugs, famous for their top-class quality, designs, and texture. Apart from this, there are several other types of popular Afghan carpets are:

  • Kilims
  • Shindand or Adraskand
  • Mauri Rugs
  • Baluch Rugs

What is the Difference between Handwoven and Hand-Knotted Rugs?

 Hand-knotted rugs and handwoven rugs have many differences, but both types of rugs look unique and beautiful. It gives a traditional touch to your home decor. Find out more about the difference between a handwoven rug and a hand-knotted rug:

  • The significant difference is the cost of both types of cost. The cost of hand-knotted rugs is higher than that of hand woven Afghan rugs.
  • The process of making a hand-knotted rug is very complicated and time-consuming. The production of hand-knotted rugs takes more time than handwoven rugs.
  • The process includes more detailed work in comparison to the handwoven rugs.
  • The quality of the wool is higher in the case of hand-knotted carpets.
  • Professional experts craft Hand-knotted rugs because of their complicated process.

How to identify the best quality Afghan Rug among all the carpets?

 It can be very challenging to identify a good quality Afghan rug among several options available. To check the quality of the carpet, you have to do significant tests, and the test will let you know if you are investing in a high-quality rug or not.

The Knots 

A type and number of knots help identify a good quality Afghan rug. A densely knotted carpet is a high-quality carpet. An excellent quality carpet must have an average of 120 knots per inch, and the quality of the rug increases with the number of knots per inch. This is how you can identify a good quality hand-knotted carpet.

The Quality Fabric

 Genuine Afghan Rugs are always limited to fabric types, including Cotton, Silk or Wool. If you are planning on getting an Afghan rug at your home, make sure the type of fabric is wool. But fake mats or carpets are usually made using Synthetic material or Plastic. The fabric can be tested using water. Put some drops of water on the carpet; if the water gets absorbed, you are sure that it is made of wool. But if the water does not get absorbed, it is made up of synthetic material and is not a real rug.

Why are Afghan Rugs expensive than the other carpets?

 If we talk about handmade Afghan rugs, the cost of production can be divided into two parts, i.e. Labor cost and Material cost. Labor cost is the cost of Manpower that puts all their time and efforts into making beautiful Afghan Rugs. The process of weaving a carpet can take up to 8 months.

Apart from labor costs, the raw material used in making an Afghan rug can be expensive depending on the type of wool. Zuleya carpets are made of the finest wool sourced from the northern province of Afghanistan. The wool comes from the neck of the sheep because it is the finest wool. Also, Afghan rugs made with Organic materials like wool and vegetable dyes are expensive as the natural material is more expensive than the synthetic ones.

Best Rug Store Dubai 

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